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Feedback on my travel piece on Bed and Breakfasts

From The Walnut Inn Bed and Breakfast
Greenville, SC
Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for the wonderful article on our bed and breakfast. Believe it or not, a gentleman from a hotel about 3 miles from us was reading your paper, saw the article and drove over to see Walnut Lane Inn. He said he frequently travels here from Atlanta and in the future will stay with us. He said the article was very well written.

I also want to personally thank Robert Nebel for including me in his wonderful article. He could have chosen any number of other B&Bs and I'm so pleased that he felt mine warranted inclusion. It's funny that the Dragonettes were included in the article as well because I had the pleasure of meeting them back in the summer when they came over to stay with me and take advantage of the Hot Air Balloon package I had to offer. I think it was Penny's gift to Mark for his 50th Birthday. We have both been open for about seven or eight years and we just finally met. Anyway they are wonderful people and have a great operation over there at Rosemary Beach.
I don't have an advertising budget per say, other than things like Web sites, phone books and association fees. So I rely heavily on articles that can bring me so much more business than any ad ever could! It was a wonderful article and I'm very blessed to be included. I have recieved 2 inquiries from it so far!
-David Worthington
Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast

Comments about Mike Cohen of Quincy Entertainment from The Sunday Paper:

This is a wonderful article on my vision of putting together fan friendly shows. I try to make people feel at home by doing my best to honor all kinds of requests to satisfy their needs. I am trying to build a group of loyal supporters that will trust in me to bring in quality performers.

The story really gets to the core of that. We spoke for a half hour or so that early evening and I have to compliment you on really listening to me and asking great questions. As a result your story was right on the money! Having wonderful people like you writing about my vision is awesome.

When I launched this company I had 2 shows under my belt. Before I knew I had booked 5 shows at once and I was on my way in the world of concert promotions. It was a great learning experience that I survived and the future looks fantastic. The success so far in Alpharetta has been great.

All I can say is get ready for a great concert experience when you check out a show produced by Quincy Entertainment!

Bob, thanks again to you and Kevin and all the people associated with the Sunday Paper for your support!

Best Regards,

Mike Cohen

Quincy Entertainment Inc.